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We are an educational community and a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides free online classes, tutoring, and learning opportunities for youth students, and enable them to learn the most effective academic tips and study strategies from high achieving student mentors. 

*   We believe all kids can be learners and teachers to accelerate our growth.

*   We understand our peer's struggles as we can relate to the same experience.

*   Our community raise each other to new height by sharing knowledge & wisdom.

*   Our platform serves as a valuable complement to school educational system.

Kid Teach Kid is a proud recipient of Google Grants award. The Google Grants program supports registered nonprofit organizations that share Google's philosophy of community service to help the world in areas such as science and technology, education, and youth advocacy.

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 Our growing course library that covers variety of subjects


This course teaches the key concepts and techniques of Algebra to help you excel in AMC contest math.


This course teaches the key concept and techniques of Geometry to enable you ace your AMC contest math. 

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Number theory

This course teaches the key concept and techniques of number theory to help you score high in your AMC test. 

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counting & probability

This course teaches the key techniques to help you build a solid foundation of  solving combinatorics problems.

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AMC test strategy

This course teaches  proven blueprint to enable you perform at your best on the test day of AMC compeition.

Animated Vocabulary

This course teaches you the most useful vocabulary with short, fun, and engaging animated videos. 

Contest math level 1

We will cover a variety of important techniques, ranging from general counting techniques to manipulations in algebra, and go over several important practice problems from real competitions. primarily for those looking to increase their scores in the AMC8, AMC10, and Chapter/State MATHCOUNTS competitions

contest math level 2

We will cover several important and sometimes-overlooked techniques that will greatly help improve your scores in math competitions, such as Auxillary Constructions and Special Factorizations. The difficulty of this class will range from mid AMC10 level to around mid AIME level. 

Number sense

We'll cover a large variety of different tricks and techniques to allow one to improve his or her mental math speed. This will cover a variety of strategies, such as fast multiplication (for many, many numbers), fast modular arithmetic, and calculating the sums of certain sequences quickly. Competitions like TMSCA and Mathleague have classes dedicated to this subject,. 


An introduction to competitive physics, primarily for competitions such as the F=ma. No prior experience is necessary. On the flip side, everyone will be challenged by this class! The focus of each of the classes will be on kinematics, although we may learn a bit about other aspects as well.

Chemistry analysis


An introductory course covering information not mentioned in a typical science classroom, with a focus on chemical principles behind interesting phenomena, such as global warming, heat vision, and colored fire. Each class will consist of background information needed to understand a phenomenon, culminating in connecting the phenomenon itself with the background information.

Java Coding

We'll be covering a lot of ground very quickly, in order to provide an overview of an entire year of introductory CS in four weeks. You’ll want to move fast and do the labs in order to keep up! We’ll start with variables and basic data and booleans, then move on to iteration, arrays and 2D arrays, and finally objects and functions. 


This class covers the fundamentals of biology, with a focus on four main concepts: biochemistry & molecular biology, human physiology, plant physiology, and microbiology, respectively, for each of the four weeks. Throughout the class, we will also cover good test-taking strategies for various biology exams such as the USA Biology Olympiad Open Exam, Science Olympiad Life Science exams

Public Health

 In this course, we will cover the science of public health with a focus on epidemiology—specifically, how diseases like COVID-19 spread in populations. You will learn all about epidemics, diseases, biostatistics, and apply this knowledge to the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ll also learn about how to stay safe during COVID-19, how to crush the Science Olympiad Disease Detectives event, and start your own COVID-19 public health initiative.

ACT Test Prep

This class will focus on test-taking strategies and concepts for the ACT standardized test. Each week will be focused on a particular section, such as reading, math, writing, and science. The class also features real test problems,  and is taught by an ACT perfect scorer.












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4 ways to get values from our Kid teach Kid platform

Girl taking free online classes

1.  Attend camp / live free online classes 

We hold highly engaging and interactive live online classes  regularly that covers the most popular subjects . The ongoing one starts on Friday 07/10 and ends on 08/17. Click the orange button below to enroll.  iIt is not too late to enroll, as all registered students will have access to all course recordings

  • All instructors are top students at their high school 
  • Well designed curriculum that are fun and packed with value
  • All classes have detailed Q&A sessions and extensive class resources
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2. Take courses in our course library

We organized our best previous live free online classes into pre-recorded courses to give our student the opportunity to refresh their learning, and solidify their understanding. 

  • Study your favorite subject at your own pace
  • High quality video courses with instructor's notes
  • Ever green course content 
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3.  Get your questions answered fast  

We set up a dedicated "Student Question Dashboard" to collect the  questions submitted by our students, and we always strive to have their questions answered within 24 hours.

  • Get academic help about our free online classes from the top student mentors in the community quickly
  • Easy to use form to submit quesitons including screen shot and video link
  • Tap into the combined knowledge and talent of the whole community
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4. Participate in Educational Event

We facilitate educational events that invite top student talents to teach their best academic tips, and exciting speakers to share their valuable insight in the most relevant topics.

  • Valuable strategy sessions that pack tons of values
  • Inspiring talks that worth listening to over and over
  • Excellent network opportunity to get to meet amazing people

Students and Parents' Feedback About Our Classes 

Thank you very much for putting your time and efforts in teaching other kids. My son learned a lot! 

It's excellent!!! It covered a lot and the explanations were so clear! Easy to follow! Hope you have more to come. Thank you all!! 

I get to learn by solving the really funny problems made by the instructors!

My daughter loves it!  Thank you so much for the classes. This really helps my daughter grow.

All classes are great! Thank you so much to all the instructors! Big thumbs up for all you do!.

The content was very well designed, and it made me enjoy chemistry more.

I like how interesting the topics are and how Andy explains the concepts in such a way that helps me understand better.

The slides of the public health class were well done, and the subject was explained clearly. I would rate Stepanie's  class a 10 out of 10 (the best).

It's excellent!!! It covered a lot and the explanations were so clear! Easy to follow! Hope you have more to come. Thank you all!

Thank you so much for volunteering to do this! You guys are awesome!  Excellent job!  

I like how you thoroughly taught us how to improve our score on the AMC test. I have taken AMC for 2 years now, and the class helped me with strategies I could use. 

We have really enjoyed the math classes Isabella, Rich, Andy and Stephanie have presented. They are talented young kids and it is admirable of them to take time and teach others. My son learned a lot from all of them. 

Awesome. The material was challenging and so was the homework. Really enjoyed it. 

I just enjoyed learning from a teacher who can explain difficult things and make them sound easy!

The techniques taught are exactly what come up on the test. Explained very well. Homework is very valuable!

Perfectly paced, lots of new information, everything the teacher explained simply sticks to your mind.

I enjoyed learning about the anatomy and body systems. They were very interesting, and the graphs and diagrams used were very helpful.

Covers a lot problems. Explanations are neat and clear. Keep it up!

Lecture notes are well organized, recordings are available for students review needs
You guys are doing a Excellent job!

Love your classes!  Please keep up the great work during the summer!

The problems are arranged in increasing difficulty, so we can learn the concepts one by one as they go.

I liked the clarity integrated into the explanations and how engaging it was (I never got distracted lol)

I really like Number Sense class. Andy explained things very clearly. I learned a lot from it. Thank you very much for organizing such a wonderful camp!

I like the style of teaching, and how the instructors put so much work into delivering quality learning experience.

i learned a lot in this class that i didn’t learn in school.

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