2017 PWMC Team

Our Story

that inspired us to create this free online learning platform

Four good friends with common interest in contest math represented Texas in the 2017 Primary Math World Contest (PMWC) in Hong Kong. We not only formed deep friendship in that unforgettable experience, but also found the power of rapid learning by teaching each other. This realization planted the seed for the creation of Kid Teach Kid, a non-profit organization and free online learning platform that fosters the spirit of peer teaching and peer learning.  

Our Mission; Our Vision; Our Value

Our mission is to build a free online learning platform to provide high quality academic classes and learning opportunities to all students (K-12) taught by their high achieving peers. We intend to encourage and inspire every one to teach and share their most effective academic tips and study strategies, so we all grow & succeed together.

Our vision is to inspire and motivate every kid to willingly share their knowledge and wisdom with other kids, so we can leverage everyone's strength and raise each other to new height. Our platform serves not only as a valuable complement to school educational system, but also an ideal training ground for all the students, instructors & tutors to develop articulate communication and essential leadership skills.

                   Our Value

  • Learning by Teaching
  • Sharing is Win-Win 
  • Giving to Others
  • Helping our schools
  •  Serving our Community
  • Contributing to the World

Our Team

Rich's school picture

Rich Wang

Co-Founder / President of Technology


Rich is a rising sophomore at Clements High School. He's highly passionate in math and technology, and enjoys participating in math competitions, and qualified for the USAJMO. However, what really drives him is his love for helping others and making a difference to kids just like him. He enjoys playing tennis, hardcore video game grind sessions, and spending time with his friends.

Stephanie's recent picture

Stephanie Wang

President of Education


Stephanie is a rising junior at Seven Lakes High School and an avid math and science enthusiast, as she began pursuing these subjects competitively since middle school. She currently serves as a captain of the Seven Lakes Science Olympiad, has previously been a Science Olympiad national champion, and is a recurrent AIME qualifier. She loves to give back to the community in any way that she can and hopes to use her knowledge to help other students succeed. In her free time, Stephanie enjoys surfing the internet and working through a nice proof.

Isabella's recent picture

Isabella Quan

President of Public Relation & Outreach


Isabella Quan is a rising junior at Westlake High School, with a passion for math. She achieved an Honorable Mention performance at Math Prize for Girls twice, has qualified for AIME six times, then qualified for USAJMO and MOP.  She also presented a paper at an IEEE conference. In her spare time, she enjoys video games and creative writing.

Andy picture

Andy Jiang

President of Operation


Andy is a rising junior at Westwood High School who loves math as much as he loves uncooked instant noodles. An active participant in AMC and formerly Mathcounts, and qualifed for USAJMO. He hopes he can teach others what he's learned from math competitions. Besides doing math, Andy enjoys playing tennis, coding, and daydreaming about food.

Sage's outside picture 12-2019

Sage Wang

Co-Founder, President of Content Development


Sage is a rising 8th grader at Fort Settlement Middle School. She has always had fun immersing herself in science fiction novels, going hand in hand with her passion for writing some of her own works. In her free time, Sage ponders the meaning of life, tries to beat her brother at ping-pong, and listens to music.

Rowechen picture

Rowechen Zhong

Elite Instructor 


Rowechen is a rising junior at Westwood High School who developed a passion for physics. He started learning physics less than two years ago, roughly two weeks before the F=ma (a prestigious national physics competition). Two weeks later, He qualified for USAPhO, and then proceeded to earn a Bronze medal.  He also qualified for the USAPhO again this year with a score of 23 out of 25 on the F=ma.

Yitian picture

Yitian Zhu

Elite Instructor 


Yitian is a rising senior at Seven Lakes High School and a passionate chemistry enthusiast. She is a captain of her school's Science Olympiad team and has participated in the US National Chemistry Olympiad study camp. In her free time she loves to run long-distance and sing along to the Hamilton soundtrack.

Daniel picture

Daniel Wei

Elite Instructor 


Daniel is a rising senior at Seven Lakes High School. His focuses mainly lie in the field of computer science, where he’s a USACO Gold competitor, and a nationally ranked Science Olympiad competitor. He also works on various tech-related initiatives, including TeenHacksHTX, a high school hackathon, and Modulus, an educational platform. In his free time, Daniel plays the viola and composes music.

Tina picture

Tina Li

Elite Instructor 


Tina Li is a rising freshman at Clements High School. She is a 3 time AIME qualifier and a USAJMO Qualifier. She enjoys studying mathematics and learning new theorems, as well as spending time with her friends in her free time.

Dhivya picture

Dhivya Venkatraghavan

Elite Instructor 


Dhivya is a rising senior at Seven Lakes High School. She has a passion for language and math and has been tutoring for many years. She enjoys helping students develop their analytical and logical thinking skills whether it be in math or english. In her free time she likes to play tennis and listen to music.

Adhithi picture

Adhithi Venkatraghavan

Elite Instructor 


Adhithi is a rising sophomore at Seven Lakes High School with a keen interest in understanding the impact of different human societies and their interactions in the world. She has a passion for helping others appreciate how the historical trends of the past have shaped the events of today. In addition to analyzing historical events, she has a penchant for writing. Among other things, she enjoys modern calligraphy and classical music.

Jaime Choy picture

Jaime Choy

Elite Instructor 


Jaime is a rising senior at Arcadia High School. She has always liked math and had been a part of math competitions such as Math Olympiad. She appreciates how her parents had encouraged her to start early in math. Since middle school, she has tutored her peers as part of her school's Peer Tutoring program. Jaime has tutored many students ranging from elementary to high school. As an aspiring teacher, Jaime wishes to share her knowledge to kids not only in school but from around the world. Jaime loves swimming, dancing, and playing video games in her free time.